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Organization and team development

A Gallup survey* shows that committed employees have a positive impact on one's business:

  • Security (63% fewer injuries and lost working days)

  • Customer Loyalty (56% higher)

  • Staff turnover (50% lower)

  • Productivity (38% higher)

  • Company bottom line (27% higher profit)

​When you focus on your organization and its employees, you can do more business for the same salaries, and you'll get happier and more efficient employees. By focusing on your employees strengths and competencies to solve the task, the goal or the core task.

I would like to help with my personal experience as well as my theoretical knowledge that embraces broadly. I tailor my work purposefully to you and your business or organization and the needs you currently have.

                                                                              *Source: The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ. 2003

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