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What some of the participants have said about the course: Resiliens and Balance in your Leadership:


"To learn to utilize / work with my strengths, something more (thus keeping calm and faith in oneself in stressed and stressful situations)" - Louise Geisler, Officemanager Nukissiorfiit

"I've been safe and happier at work. I'm not afraid to say my opinion during meetings with others. I can feel my colleague, he's happier, more open to me."
Ester Broberg, Officemanager Nukissiorfiit


I offer several types of courses.
Topics include: strength-based management and access, distance management, working with social capital, leadership of self-employed employees, resilience (resilience and balance in management with Charlotte Schnoor), team development, conflict management, collaboration, recruitment and so forth. I anso certify in Thomas International Person Profile Analysis (PPA)

I offer ongoing certification in Thomas International Person Profile Analysis (PPA) which also provides access to team analysis, job requirement analysis as well as flexible 360 degree measurements.

In addition, I can arrange certification in Thomas International's other tools: GIA (measurement of a person's mental abilities), TEIQ (emotional intelligence), HPTI (Lead potential).
Write or call me if you and / or your organization would like to be certified.

Through Thomas International I also offer an engagement study that measures the engagement in a company. It is a study that can stand alone or be combined with the work in an MTU (employee satisfaction survey).

Should you use a personal profile analysis (PPA), a measurement of a person's mental abilities (GIA) or a person's emotional intelligence (TEIQ), I can do that for you too.

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