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     Foto: Katrine Andersen


Facilitating is a working process where you and the participants can focus on the cooperation and reaching a result. I will as the facilitator control the form of your workshop. It could be: a strategy seminar, seminar, full and half-day meetings, workshops or other.

Companies and organizations use me when:

  • Process work is important for the end result

  • They want to ensure that the participants get ownership and commitment to the outcome

  • The leaders will be part of the process

  • To look forward, as we build on the present

  • They would like to have presented a new angles/theory to a given challenge  

  • When we have to do something and need progress

A typical facilitation is a process in cooperation with you. I will prepare a framework for you in which the process is based on. The result of the process is yours and prepared by you. It ensures commitment and ownership in relation to further work forward.

My role may be different from time to time, as it is needed. I have several facilitation tools, but I also use my theoretical ballads and my experience to create the framework for the theme / process.

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