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Feedback from an Individual Leader process:
"The course has been very relevant in my everyday life, and tools have been used immediately. At the same time, it has been possible to draw on the professional experience in TLS."
Jonas Gundtoft, Group Leader
Orbicon Arctic A / S

Team development

I follow the latest trends in organizational development to be updated in the movements. Naturally, I am also well-founded in the classical organizational and management theories, as they are, in many ways, the foundations of the latest trends or theories.

The topics within organizational development at the moment are:
Social capital: an organizational mindset where several professional groups / departments must work together to solve the core task of the organization, which requires the three diamonds: continuous trust, justice and cooperation. There is also a bridge between fields / "silos", so you can solve their tasks better and more structured.

Strength-based leadership and resilience: is a strength-based and positive focus, based on own strengths and build further on them. It promotes positive and motivational changes in the individual and in the organization. However, without being blind to weaknesses / challenges that you work with or around.

Self-employed employees: Employees today have more responsibility and solve more complex tasks than before - it is both motivating and challenging and requires a managerial focus. As a leader will you have to create the right framework and working conditions for your employees. So the employees can solve their assignments in relation to the organization's goal.

Distance management: is both the geographic, but also the 'experienced' distance, which is across culture and professionalism. In a country like Greenland, it is already a natural requirement in one's position. As a leader, distance management sets some special requirements for your leadership where you have to be very clear on your leadership in everyday life.

Coaching and sparring: is a confidential one-to-one conversation about a given challenge, issue, and more. Or as part of an individual development process.

As mentioned, all courses are individual, so let's discuss the possibilities together.