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Get more with the same resources

Studies show that it's worth having engaged employees in their business. It has a positive effect on the company's bottom line, but also customer loyalty, productivity, and so on. (See Service and courses).

But there are also other things that affect your accounts. This applies, for example, to minimizing failure recruitments, because recruitment is expensive in itself.

The same applies to absence where you and your company pay salary without getting the labor. Illness is always inconvenient, but disease is other than flu. And that costs money.

This is here  where I get in - I will be a contributing factor to creating committed employees and thus a better business with you.

Tina Lynge Schmidt

Foto af: Toke Landy Brødsgaard


Generally, recruitment is an expensive but necessary cost for your business. But if you have a high staff turnover, you can save money on your company's bottom line by focusing on well-being and committed employees.

For an employee recruitment costs approx. DKK 105,000 based on the assumptions below:

  • 2 persons in the employment committee, Typically a manager and employee

  • 200 DDK per hour on average per participant

  • Advertising costs on the Internet grl and dk: 15,000 DKK

  • Compile job analysis, proficiency profile, job advertisement and interview preparation: 20 hours

  • Read the applications through: 10 hours

  • Confirmation letter, calendar local calling, call for calls: 8 hours

  • Interview with 3 applicants: 8 hours

  • Post-processing of calls: 2 hours

  • Refusal to other applicants: 1 hour

  • Contract preparation and negotiation: 5 hours

  • Homefreight relocation, housing etc.: 40,000 DDK-

  • Introductory course with buddy scheme: 180 hours in 3 months

Sick absence

All people experience illness from time to time, but illness can also be due to other things than flu. There may be other things like:

  • A hard work pressure where the body says

  • Lack of well-being and job satisfaction at work

  • Bullying and other disturbances

In a company with 25 employees, there is an absence:

An absence rate of 6% per year:
25 employees = 1.5 employees
Annual salary incl. per employee = 350,000 DDK.
Total cost = 525,000 DDK.

An absence rate of 2.5% per annum
25 employees = 0.63 employee
Annual salary incl. per employee = 350,000 DDK.
Total cost = 220,500 DDK.

In addition, there are hidden costs when an employee is ill:

  • The other colleagues get an extra charge

  • Trouble with getting the changing schedules to fit, etc.

  • Decline and / or delay in case processing/production

  • Loss of goodwill among customers and so on

  • Possibly recruitment and payment of a temporary replacement

So by working to reduce high sickness absence, your business can get a greater financial benefit from the same fixed salary costs.

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