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Ann Birkekjær Kjeldsen

Peqqissaasut Ningiuat/ Oversygeplejerske/Head Nurse 

Dronning Ingrids Hospital / Psykiatrisk område


Feedback from a theme day:


1. How would you rate my role as facilitator on a scale of 1-10, where 10 are highest?

"You get a 10's You were well prepared, had understood to organize a varied program and had adequate flexibility in relation to the challenges and changes that occurred under the program.

An equally ambitious program for the time we had available. You managed to understand what we were like Management would like to use the day for "


2. What are the most important things you bring from the theme day?

"That the staff attending were very involved in the workshop that was underway. Workshop's purpose was very clear and concrete. There was something concrete out of the day that can be used forward in our approach to patients and workflows at all."

Jonas Gundtoft

Orbicon Arctic A/S


Feedback from an Individual Leader process: 
1. How would you rate your individual course on a scale of 1-10, where 10 are highest?
"10 - The course has been very relevant in my everyday life, and tools have been used immediately. At the same time, it has been possible to draw on the professional experience in TLS."

2. What are the most important things you take from the course?
"- Prioritizing work tasks, scheduling conversations, the hard and development, with the employees, as well as being able to pass this knowledge on to the employees so that they can use it in their everyday lives."

3. Do you have any suggestions for improvement or other comments?
"- In our case, with the changes that have occurred in Orbicon's organization, employees, etc. Has it been possible to use / test tools and speak in practice, almost every time."

Pernille Fischer Boulter

President & CEO

Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc., Europe and Arctic


It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation on behalf of TLS ressourcer. Kisserup had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tina Lynge Schmidt since 2016, when we partnered to deliver a national incubator, SIUA, across Greenland.

Our entire Team has been working with Tina on this project, loving every minute of it. Tina and TLS were referred to us on the strength of Tina’s teambuilding and facilitation experience, project management skills, and her superior HR skills.

First and foremost, Tina distinguished herself in her ability to instantly generate results, immediately improving the depth and quality of research obtained and providing a model for the other people on the team with her work ethic, initiative, solutions-oriented attitude and creative approach to overcoming any challenges or obstacles that arises.  

Tina immediately proved herself to be a consummate professional.  She quickly understood the focus and key elements of the project, and amidst considerable time pressure, instantly assumed her role to become an invaluable member of our team who is directly contributing to its overall success.

She has proven herself to be an exceptional relationship builder who demonstrates advanced communication skills, collaborating effectively with all team members while also performing autonomously at a high level whenever required.   Amidst shifting priorities and tight deadlines, Tina consistently produces work that exceptionally well organized and thorough, adding additional value with her own critical analysis and recommendations.

We hope to be working with Tina and TLS in many more markets in the years to come!

Based on our experience with Tina, both as a person and a professional, we highly recommend her and TLS as a partner and consultant to any organization fortunate enough to have the opportunity of working with her.

Joan Ottesgaard Petersen

HR manager (untill May 2017)

Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq

"I have worked with Tina Lynge Schmidt from TLS resources in connection with a seminar for the management team in the Administration for Economy and Personnel - a total of 8 people. This includes performed in a few initial meetings, discussion of program and presentation, the actual management of the management seminar (3 days) and follow-up. It has been a profitable course both professionally and collaboratively and has given our management team a common standpoint and a better dynamic - both desirable and needed in a hectic and busy everyday life.
Tina provides qualified sparring, she poses critical, constructive and relevant questions and is wonderful as a person to work with. A warm recommendation from here."